Product Care

Product Care

How To Care For Embroidered Items

These quick tips can keep your custom embroidered items in pristine condition!

If you do choose to machine wash, we recommend the following:
•Turn the item inside out to protect the embroidery.
•Try to not wash the item with other clothing that might cause damage, such as zippers or buttons.
• Choose a mild detergent. 
• If possible, allow the item to air dry. This will prevent any shrinking that might occur.
• If the embroidery features bright colors, a gentle wash in cold water can reduce the chance of color bleeding.
If you need to iron, avoid steam, and do not place the iron directly onto the embroidered area. Instead, use a pressing cloth over the embroidery or iron on the reverse side.

The most gentle option is to hand wash and allow the item to air dry.

Your patch already has iron adhesive attached, please follow the instructions on how to attach to your fabric of choice.  
Place your patch, adhesive side down onto your fabric of choice. 

Preheat iron to medium heat for best results. 

Press and hold the fabric with iron based on the fabric being used on all sides patch until the patch has bonded.  

  • Cotton Fabric 8 second hold 
  • Light/Delicate fabrics 6 second hold  
  • Iron Thick fabrics (denim) for an additional 2 seconds from the back of the project.